Algarve Dolphin Watching Cruises

Our site aims to give you as much information as possible about the many dolphin watching cruises you will find all over the Algarve; as well as other marine activities, please explore and enjoy the website and find the cruise that better suits you and your family.  These ecotours along the coast line of the Algarve allows guests to encounter the awesome animals that thrive in these local waters. The only requirement is a sense of adventure. A good pair of binoculars is optional! Our dolphin watching cruises are by far the most unique experience offered in the Algarve coastline. We can confidently tell guests they have an excellent choice of cruises along the coast to watch the dolphins. Our guests never tire of seeing the dolphins swimming along in their natural habitat.  If you're lucky, you may see them jump completely out of the water.  After all they like to look at you too. This is your ticket to the adventure of a lifetime!  Perfect for kids of all ages! You'll never know how many there are, or how many you'll see, that's part of the adventure!